Birthing Class

December 31, 2010
Birthing Class Day 1 (12/28)

When scheduling, Scripps told us that the class would be held at Scripps La Jolla. We arrived 20 minutes early, as usual and were searching for the class for a long time, no one knew where it was. Finally, a brittle old lady who worked there informed us it was at some random building 3 miles away. I HATE being late, it's so embarrassing and I hate when others are late. I wanted to cancel the class, not show my face and go home, but we already paid, and I couldn't be ridiculous and go home, so we showed up about 15 minutes late.

The class was in a half circle with a little opening at the back (enough for 2 chairs if 1 person scooted over a bit) no one moved... Travis and i pulled up 2 chairs behind the half circle and chilled in the back. After a while, we realized it was a good thing we were back there. Although we were directly behind the group and 1/2 of the room could see us, we weren't very hidden.

There wasn't any sexual or gross images, talks or videos, there was just the part about breathing techniques. We were all told to close our eyes and squeeze them tight and not to worry about what we look like because no one was looking at us. As soon as the instructor said that, i peeked out of the corner of my eye and saw Travis staring at me and the rest of the room (of course) so I started looking around. I have no idea what made us start laughing, maybe just the silence, but it turned into one of those laughs, for both of us, that you cannot stop or control. You know the laugh where you try to be completely silent and you end up making random squeaking and breathing noises? My eyes were watering, it got to the point where i was trying to hold my breath so I didn't make any noise, which made it worse. I couldn't look at Travis, that just made it even worse. I tried to refocus and join the class again with closing my eyes, then i look at Travis and he's staring at me again, throwing us both into laughter.

That went on for a while. The comments we made to each other during the entire class before the laughter started didn't help much. There was an Australian man sitting in front of us and Travis whispers (while we're trying to stop laughing) "maybe the dingo ate your baby." that threw me over the edge!

Good for us... i can only imagine what the next birthing class will be like on Tuesday and our first breast feeding class will be like on Wednesday. Hey, at least we have fun... i think there are too many uptight couples out there! :)


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