Who are these old wives and why are we to believe their tales?

November 11, 2010

Heartburn: if a pregnant woman experiences heartburn throughout the 9 months of pregnancy, she’ll have a baby born with a full head of hair.
•if that’s the case, Brady has dreadlocks.

Cravings Curse: If anyone denies a pregnant woman whatever she is craving, they will get a sty in his/her eye.
•Good thing I don’t have any cravings, because Travis isn’t here to help me satisfy them!

Heart Rate: If the baby’s heart rate is above 140 bpm, it is said the baby will be a girl. If it is under 140 bpm, then it will be a boy.
• Brady is clearly a boy and has a heart rate around 150 everytime.  It was 161 at 7 weeks.

Shape of Belly: carrying high with a big, round belly equals girl. Carring low with a smaller belly that sticks straight out, it’s a boy.
•I’m not sure how I’m carrying… but I betcha it’s a boy!

Drano Test: the drano test combines a tablespoon of Drano and urine together. If the mixture turns green it’s a girl. If it turns blue, it’s a boy.
• sadly, people seriously do this, I’ve seen it in my birth month group! I don’t understand why people would do this. Did old wives have Drano and if there were all these ways to figure out what you are having, don’t you think docs would be doing it rather than waiting til mid pregnancy for an ultrasound? I guess I think too rationally!

Cravings: if you crave salty foods you’re having a boy. If you crave sweets you’re having a girl.  if you crave salty foods you’re having a boy. If you crave sweets you’re having a girl.
•pregnant or not, I crave salt sweets…. soooo……

 Legs: if you’re legs get big you’re having a boy. If your legs stay in shape and lean, it’s a girl
• woo! Finally an excuse for these tree legs  trunk thunder thighs! Ha

Chinese Gender Chart: claims to have an accuracy rate of over 90% based on how old the mother is at conception and the month she conceived.
• the chart was right.

Side Rest On: if a pregnant woman lies on her left side, she’s having a boy. If she prefers resting on her right side, she’s having a girl.
• I sleep on my right side so I’m facing away from Travis’ snoring, it has nothing to do with what is actually comfortable.

Dad’s Weight Gain: if the dad to be gains weight while mom is pregnant, it’s a girl. If he doesn’t gain weight, it’s a boy.
• I keep telling him to stop losing weight! I’m going to out weigh him! Haha

Feet: if your feet are colder now that you are pregnant, you’re having a boy.
• my feet are cold because it’s cold outside and our windows are open. My whole body is cold.

Urine: if it’s bright yellow, it’s a boy. If it’s dull yellow, it’s a girl.
• if you take your vitamins it will be bright yellow, just like if you drink a red bull.

Headaches: boy.
• Thank goodness I haven’t had headaches, I’d rather die than have a headache, but I’m still having a boy!


  1. congrats on your little bundle of blue! i took a look at the chinese gender chart, too, and mine was also correct! :)

  2. My migraines were re-triggered by my first pregnancy. It was brutal. I had a girl, of course. She is now 17 and STILL gives me headaches. That "Old wives Tale" = crap. LOL

  3. LMAO, too funny. The Chinese Gender chart was wrong on both accounts for me!

  4. LOL, a lot of these didnt apply for me with my first either. but these are funny.