gettin' crafty

November 21, 2010
my goal this weekend was to not do anything work related. while i might have thought about work a lot and what I want and need to get done, I actually took a weekend for myself! (we'll see if I last the rest of the night). I did help a mark. rep with a party last night, but that was effortless. I'll just swamp myself with work tomorrow.

So what did I do with my time? I'm not really sure ha ha. It rained today and yesterday, so the dogs slept most of the weekend.

I felt like getting crafty. I covered 2 wipes cases, but I'm not sure if I like the big one, I may buy different fabric and make another one.

not sure if or when or how i'll use this, but i covered a wooden 'b' with scrapbooking scraps

not all of the colors of his room, but a blanket is a blanket and they are easy to make! 

that's about it! 


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