Brady's Developing Bedroom

November 10, 2010
We painted Brady's room this past weekend since Travis left on Monday and won't be back until a few days before Christmas, and I wanted to get as much done as possible. The light blue is going to have to grow on me, it's very bright! We have a lot of things to do still, but I'll keep myself busy doing all of that while he's gone. 
That lamp is from the office and only in there for light until I find a lamp i like. (no overhead light) I have to hem the valance for the small window pictured above since it is a small, awkward window. That corner where the lamp is, is where the glider and ottoman will go. 

He has TONS of books, but they are all in Michigan so I will be bringing my childhood collection (might as well be a library) back with me when I go home for my shower in 2 weeks. 

We have a shelf to put up (wood sitting on dresser) and I haven't figured out quite where I want it yet. Maybe it will go above the dresser, maybe not. I'm still debating on what I want over the dresser, so for now, it will sit there. The blocks say Brady, not Brad. The figurine is hiding the Y. My bear and Travis' bear are chillin' on the changing table, for now. 

The temporary blinds are still up, to keep some privacy. I still have to find blinds and curtains that I like. At least I already have the valance... but I have to pick out a new curtain rod that will match. I am waiting on baskets to come in stock for the changing table, I've had my eye on some baskets, but Target sells out of them too fast, so it may be time to look for different ones. 

The basics are done, but in my mind, it's nowhere near done. 
There are the first few pictures. 

25 weeks down! 15ish to go! 


  1. That paint job looks amazing! Who did you have to pay to get a paint job that amazing?

  2. A hot mexican from the purrk :)I had to get a bouncy house..