235th Marine Corps Birthday

November 01, 2010
The actual 235th Marine Corps Birthday is not until November 10, but each year, each unit has a birthday celebration- a.k.a the Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

I wore a dress from David's Bridal similar to the one i wore in 2008, except that it is a few sizes bigger and it's red instead of black. Needless to say, I felt like a cow and even more so when I compared pics from 2008. Somehow we managed to take identical pictures 2 years later and what I feel like is 200 lbs later.

Yeah, I'm pregnant, but that doesn't mean I have to love being fat. I'm not one of the fortunate and few pregnant women that are all belly. People have said I'm "all belly" but those tend to be the people who only see my belly pics online... of course you think I'm "all belly," THAT'S ALL YOU SEE! Yes, I got compliments in my dress, but it's a distant picture and the dress hides my legs well....

2008 pictures on the left - 2010 pictures on the right. I dare you to tell me I'm "ALL BELLY" now.
I'm sharing these horrible and disgusting pictures with you to prove a point, not because I really want to share them.

:( large all over, my face is massive and my eyes are starting to disappear? not to mention I'm ghostly! WONDERFUL! (don't mind the 2010 possessed (?) Travis)
I don't think the back of my head is fat haha but it's funny that I went to 2 different stylists and said "do whatever you want" 

obviously not me, but 2 years apart and pretty much the same picture. rarr.
Happy Halloween! Brady, Maverick & I. 

There's my rant and my proof. And to those of you who have said "holy shit you're twice the size you were last weekend." THANKS. Thanks, a lot. 

and to the people who say i'm "all belly" that makes me feel even worse... as though you think i've always been this large.

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  1. Chelsea,
    shut up!!

    look, you are preggo, need I remind you how much you couldn't wait to be preggo? Do I have to remind you of how many women will never be able to be pregnant?!

    You are gorgeous!!!!!!
    and if i do say so myself, your face looks a lot better with some meat on it ;D
    lol, you know i love you, and I am honest to a fault, enjoy this pregnancy, enjoy the weight, and know it's a sign of the baby being normal size, my 4 babies were 2 pounds and change.

    know you are blessed hunny, look at it that way, you know you will loose the weight anyways ;)