there's a golf ball in my throat?

October 26, 2010
That's what it feels like! For at least a month I've been complaining about a lump in my throat, more prominent at night. Golf ball, ping pong ball, plum... whatever you prefer, it feels like it's in my throat. I never thought to associate it with pregnancy. One website said throat cancer, one website said to chew your food. hah.

I chew my food and I don't have throat cancer. The consensus? Heartburn. The first time I've ever had heartburn was a copule of months ago when Travis, Jason, Meagan & I went to Medieval Times, I thought i was dying, that was the worst thing ever! I haven't had that horrible burining sensation since. I thought I was lucky.

If you've ever had this lump in the throat problem, you know that it's worse than the typical heartburn. This sucks! I feel like it's near impossible to swallow water and at times it feels like I need to burp- I try, and that just makes it worse! 

There's not much to do to avoid it, and not really a point to blog about it, but that's what's on my mind and I can't wait for the day until it goes away. 

Speaking of waiting... I'm still up and waiting for Travis to come home. Every day he gets home is the best day, it's only been 12 days, but it's been 12 long days. I get anxious like this waiting for him to get home from work on a normal day. How do I always survive deployments? Well, this deployment Brady and I will be surviving it- I'm sure those months will call for some interesting posts. 

Hope to see you all at my shower- invitations have been arriving all week! 


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