Pumpkins & Ball Gown (Cinderella?)

October 11, 2010
Travis and I went to Bates Nut Farm on Sunday and had a blast! It wasn't as hot (88*) as I thought it would be, but standing under the sun for a while and looking for the perfect pumpkin got pretty hot. Bates Nut Farm was great, it had a lot going on for pumpkin season-- petting zoo, animals on display, hay rides, corn maze, fine art fair, food vendors and a large, cute gift shop. The gift shop was full of candy, nuts, dried fruit, cooking mixes, Halloween and Christmas decorations. All of the candy they had made me feel like I was on an elementary school field trip. 

After the gift shop we headed to one of the many pumpkin patches at the farm. We headed to the one that said "Big Macs." These were way bigger than a Big Mac! When they say a baby at around 30+ weeks is the size of a pumpkin, I really hope they (whoever they are) don't mean these pumpkins! 

When I saw the white pumpkins I knew I would love to paint them. I thought if we painted our son's name on it, it would be a cute start to Halloween or a way to finalize/announce his name. I got home and started painting...I don't have the patience or the puffy paint professionalism that I wish i did. The pumpkin looked WAY better in my head, then I got distracted (I'll blame the dogs although I don't think they were near me) and the pumpkin rolled off the table and face planted onto our white carpet. Awesome. My pumpkin is smudgy and I have black paint on my carpet. Paint came out of the carpet and stayed smudged on the pumpkin. damn. I frustratingly finished painting the pumpkin, didn't take my time and groaned and moaned until i was "done." Here is the white pumpkin that I'm not proud of...

Oh, and we decided to name our son Brady Gabriel Hickey. We've been having the great name debate for almost 7 years, I didn't think it would ever end. Now that we've told people, it has to be official, there's no going back, we aren't changing it! We considered Bradley for a while (my maiden name) but I didn't like it in the long run, I guess Brady is somewhat of a version of it, but Brady is also Irish (like Hickey) and Gabriel is biblical and is a going trend as a middle name in my family (Prevosts). Travis was aiming for a biblical and Irish name so I think we hit it head on, plus it's not a rare name, but it's not very popular (for now). 

You might be wondering why this post includes a ball gown. The 235th Marine Corps Birthday is November 10 and each year, each unit celebrates. This year, our ball (The 13th MEU) is on October 30 (too bad we can't wear costumes) and I haven't been too excited about this ball, because I've been to many, and the people that have made the ball such a great time the past couple of years are no longer with our unit (moved, got out of the Corps or stationed elsewhere) AND I'm pregnant... no pregnant chick looks forward to trying to find a ball gown that fits. Side note: the ball is not like prom or homecoming, it's a ball, think cinderella-classy and conservative... some girls don't get the memo and show up in cocktail dresses/ lingerie (I'm sure i'll have pics on Oct 31 to share) I tried on some dresses this weekend at the mall and hated them all or couldn't find one that was flattering on a baby bump. We went to David's Bridal today (where I get my dress every year) not thinking I would find a dress even worth considering. I found one! It is the same dress i wore in 2008 but this year it's red. I had to get a few sizes larger than normal- that was depressing but I keep telling myself that I'm pregnant and I will be even more pregnant in 3 weeks! Finding a dress that fit my chest and stomach was not as hard as I thought, but the size is large! I hope I look pregnant in it and not like a fatty, the shape of the dress and the material don't show the definition of a big round belly, guess I'll have to hold my hand under my stomach so you can see the big ol' belly the whole night so people won't think Travis brought a whale. Moo.

I am glad we found out the gender sooner than most do and have decided on a name. I was beyond sick of old wives' tales. People's theories on gender make no sense and are off the wall, as well as most of the name suggestions we received... I know the weird pregnancy advice won't stop coming, but what else are people going to debate about now and give suggestions on? Oh! We haven't painted the room yet... so tell us how you really feel! 

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  1. I'm so glad that you found a dress, although I'm pretty surprised that you didn't try and find a "Little Bo-Peep" imitation dress. I'm sure that you could somehow find a way to attach hand tied ribbons to the bodice of that gown to "dress it up" a little bit. Think about it.