Kicks & Flips

October 12, 2010
Brady Gabriel is an active boy! He might be a soccer player, he may take up Kung Fu or... he's just a healthy fetus and moving like he's supposed to. I'll go with the latter! If every fetus turned into a soccer player, we would have a world full of soccer players- ahh.

I started feeling fetal movement pretty early--at about 11-12 weeks, it felt like little flutters or as others say "butterflies" but I've never had a real butterfly in my stomach so I'm not sure. So for the past 8 weeks I have felt little flutters and stabs (not painful) on and off, but especially after I eat chocolate.

Tomorrow I will be 21 weeks along and I know that fetal movement is usually felt outside of the belly after 20 weeks, so I've been waiting impatiently to be able to feel Brady's movement from the outside so Travis can feel too! I've been telling Travis that he will be able to feel him before he leaves on Friday for a couple of weeks, Travis keeps saying "I'll just feel it when I get back." Yesterday I felt A LOT of movement during the day and it was more distinct than a "flutter" there was a hip hop dance routine being practiced in there or something so I figured Travis had to feel him soon, Brady was going bananas (and is as long as a banana)

While we were watching House last night, I laid on my back and put Travis' hand on my stomach--I was determined for him to feel movement- AND HE DID! It was a great feeling for both of us to feel Brady at the same time and I asked Travis, "did you feel that?" he said, " I THINK SO!!" Then we felt some more movement throughout the hour, it was so amazing.

Sometimes it feels like other than kicks and flips, Brady is acting like Stuart [see below]

I love the maternity milestones!


  1. LOL @ stewart!

    Chelsea, I am SO happy for you, that you are enjoying maternity so much ;)
    Remember those talks we had at that rooftop shindig? I knew it would happen for you ;)

  2. Hehehe! I used to call mine my little gymnast. Never thought I'd say it, but I miss that. (: