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October 28, 2010
Not much to talk about lately, so I guess it's time to formally introduce Goose and Maverick. No, not Anthony Edwards and Tom Cruise--our "fur babies."

Life with obedient dogs would be boring, I'm sure. Our dogs do some stupid things, but we love them. I do not want to imagine life without Goose and Maverick, or one having to live without the other. Watching dog rescue shows or shows that have families with sick dogs make me sad. I love these pesky dogs so much, no matter what they do.
Goose & Maverick- the day I adopted Maverick

GOOSE [almost 4]
Rewind to Memorial Day 2008 when Travis and I were sitting around our apartment bored as ever--everything was closed and we had no plans. Someone had the genius plan to go to the Humane Society-I'm not sure how we even assumed it would be open. "We are just going to go and look at the animals since there is nothing else to do. We are NOT coming home with a dog." We were right, we didn't come home with a dog--because they weren't spaying or neutering on Memorial Day. I think it's California Law that when you adopt an animal it must be fixed before you take it home. Well, I just remembered this part of the process as I was typing, so this is going to be longer than I thought. We picked out a blonde female dog (mutt) and filled out all of the paper work, we had to bring it back to the apartment to get it approved by the complex. We decided to name her Zoe. After going to the apartment office on Tuesday, we were denied of adopting Zoe because she had Shepherd in her (PROVE IT) she's a MUTT! I was soooo sad and frustrated because we absoltuely loved her from the time we spent with her at the humane society. I was at work and started browsing PetFinder.com, I was going to meet Travis at the humane society after work, he would get there before me. I emailed him a picture of "Maximus" and told him that he better love that dog before I get there. Travis loved Maximus before I got there, then I fell in love with him, we played with him and chose him! We couldn't pick him up until the next day. Our adoption fees included him getting fixed, so they transported him straight to the vet to de-man him.  We went straight to PetSmart or Petco, whichever... and bought a bed, collar, food and all that jazz. The next day, we picked GOOSE up from the vet and have loved him ever since. [long story short...]
What is Goose? DNA results: German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Boxer, Miniature Pinscher & Chow Chow

After feeling bad for having a dog in a small apartment and not having a yard, we finally moved into a house with a great yard for Mister Goose, he loved it and was so happy. [August 2008]

MAVERICK [almost 6]
Travis deployed January 2009 and that April I accidentally [seriously] clicked on a petfinder.com ad from my Facebook page and instead of closing out of it, I searched dogs within a 50 mile radius-why? I have no idea. I saw a dog that I thought was Goose, but apparently his name was "Donnovan" and guess what, Donnovan needed a new home, even if just a foster home. Well I had to email the foster parent and ask a little about Donnovan and told them how interested I was because he looked like Goose and Goose is a straight up mutt. A few days later, the lady came to inspect my house, somehow I got talked into fostering Donnovan without meeting him and they had to make sure my home and Goose were suitable. They were. Goose and Donnovan met the next day at the Escondido Humane Society and fell in love, I fostered him right on the spot. 3 days later I committed to adopting him. I loved him. I couldn't bare the thought of me trying to figure out whether I wanted him or not, or waiting for Travis to get home in September and someone calling and saying they want to adopt him, so I did. Donnovan no more! Now I have my Goose and Maverick! (If you've never seen Top Gun, you're probably confused all to hell and I probably can't be your friend any longer).
What is Maverick? DNA results: Dalmatian, Rottweiler & Rhodesian Ridgeback 

Travis met Maverick via webcam and thought I was insane. These were my first 2 dogs EVER! Turns out, taking care of 2 dogs is easier than one because they take care of each other! Don't you dare and try to separate these fur lovers.

It would be near impossible to update you on all of the Goose and Maverick shenanegans over the past 2 years... I might be able to sum them up quickly. Goose is protective, Maverick could care less. They are big babies. They think they are lap dogs. Goose loves tug of war, but not when Maverick plays. We refer to Maverick as a female and his middle name is Elizabeth. Goose's middle name is Woosey [Goosey Woosey]. Maverick will eat anything. Goose will eat anything except for fruits and vegetables. Goose and Maverick can eat tons of chocolate and not get sick or die. Goose is determined to kill the UPS man. I paint Maverick's nails. They ate Brady's pumpkin today. Goose will bite your arm. Maverick will pee on your leg. Someone likes to poop upstairs by the elliptical. Both think they deserve to sleep on our bed more than we deserve to. The list could go on forever. . .
Goose, Travis and no room for Maverick & I 


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