23 weeks & gettin' crafty

October 28, 2010
23 weeks and feeling large and in charge! ha or just large... today I apparently decided to dress like the hamburgler. 
While Travis was gone, I had Brady's blocks made and I also got bored and decided to get crafty with some onesies. Well, not too crafty since I made a black and white design and printed it and ironed it on, but it took up some time!

 The onesie in Arabic says Brady Gabriel, although it's backwards because I forgot to mirror it when I printed it. It looks right to the English eye, but if you were Arabic and reading right to left, it's backwards. The stick figure one is a Marine, mom, baby and 2 dogs. People in Cali love to put these stick people on their cars, I feel dumb even putting them on a shirt! That's about as crafty as i've gotten so far. I plan on covering some wipes cases and etc.... After dinner tonight we went on an adventure to Lowe's and picked out paint for Brady's room. We will probably start painting next week/weekend since Travis leaves in a week for about 40 days and I'm sick of things not getting done. We could wait until Christmas to paint, but I want this room set and ready to go as soon as possible so I don't have to do anything at the end when I can barely move! 

That's about all of the excitement going on around here. Travis has his first mountain bike race on Saturday and I surprised him with a UofM racing jersey today! Glad it finally got here! We also have the 235th birthday of the Marine Corps on Saturday which equals Marine Corps Ball. The actual birthday isn't until 11/10/10. 


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